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  • Fees and Commissions

We at WINGGO do not seek quick profit, as we seek to improve the service and ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners in success, so our team has been working for a period of time to develop a scientific study accurate to reconcile the satisfaction of customers and the satisfaction of our customers by studying the real data without prejudice to the party or rush Or the introduction of illogical and misleading equations for the purpose of winning success partners or loyal customers. Registration is free for three months and the work is free of charge without a subscription fee or a commission. A security deposit of LE 100 will be added to the balance of the coupon card, which will be refunded later after the first stage if the captain decides not to continue.

  • Winggo Pioneers

We believe in the importance of the role of women as active members of the society and encourage them to join the community of workers by providing transportation services and gain income for themselves or to support their families. The reservation feature has been developed according to gender, Pre-selection of the captain’s gender, requests goes directly to the type the client has already specified. Also, for providers, they can specify the type of customer in advance if they want to do so, they only receive requests of specified type. We also decided that the service will be free of charge without any fees, commission or deposit for 6 months from the date of this announcement. Monthly bonuses will be offered to the best 3 pioneers and will be announced later for the best efforts.

  • Make more money

Got a car? Turn it into a money machine. The city is buzzing and Winggo makes it easy for you to cash in on the action. Plus, you’ve already got everything you need to get started. Drive when you want Need something outside the 9 to 5? As an independent contractor with WINGGO, you’ve got freedom and flexibility to drive whenever you have time. Set your own schedule, so you can be there for all of life’s most important moments.

  • Be the boss of your own

Whether you’re supporting your family or saving for something big, WINGGO gives you the freedom to get behind the wheel when it makes sense for you. Choose when you drive, where you go, and who you pick up.

  • Rewards
  • You’re in the driver’s seat. So reward yourself with discounts. Reduce your daily expenses and take home extra earnings by driving more.

    How winggo captain works

    How winggo captain works

    Download and log in Once you have completed the training and are became WINGGO certified driver, you will download the WINGGO Captain application and login with special credentials of your choice.

    Getting the passengers requests

    Enter the application, click on “go online” You are now ready to receive your booking! When you get a reservation from a passenger you will see his/her location and get estimate for the trip, and you have to choose to accept or reject as appropriate to you.

    Bring customers

    If you have accepted the booking, the application guides you to the customer’s location,.

    Complete the journey

    The client can also direct you to their destination (Google GPS).

    He earned money

    Once you have completed your entire journey with the client, your profits will be reflected directly in the captain’s page. You can collect money during some trips, whether it be by wallet or cash, and Winggo will pay you for the trip.

    WINGGO captain Main features

    • Document Uploading Driver needs to upload valid documents to register in the app.
    • Auto Offline When Idles Driver goes offline automatically after warning if he is idle.
    • Navigation Get Navigation to users location through map.
    • Verificaton SMS,Email and Document verification of driver is done before he can accept trip request.
    • Earnings Driver can see his earnings in the App.
    • Driver Support Chat In App chat with the driver support agent.

    Join WINGGO community and start earning money

    Driver Application

    Greater ability to scalable and move further.